Hey Cleveland families!  Looking for something to do with the kids this Sunday that won’t break the bank?  Bring them to the CMA this Sunday for our FREE Asian Family Festival.  We’re going to be celebrating Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures all day long.  There’ll be lots of stuff to do for everyone in the family.  We’ve got:

  • Music and dance performances
  • Knot tying and origami
  • Martial arts demonstrations
  • Kimono dressing, ikebana (flower arranging) and calligraphy workshops
  • Gyotaku (Japanese fish printing)
  • Make your own carp kite
  • And a screening of Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki

The festival starts at 1 and goes until 4.  Hope to see you there!


Romie is hitting the road in a big way today–driving across country all the way to Denver with her idol and look-alike, Sara H.  We hear Baby T-Rex isn’t allowed to leave Cleveland without his mommy’s permission.  Too bad.  Guess he’ll have to settle for Bob Evans.

Now if you are out there lurking on Twitter, our Summer of CMA blog or on Facebook, and you happen to see her while you are out on the trail, please let us know.  Better yet, snap a vaca pic of Romie and send it to us at haveyouseenit@clevelandart org. We’ll post it, credit you and say lots of nice things about you and your photo 🙂

She’ll be back home this coming Monday, so it isn’t a grand holiday by any means, just a chance to get out and see the countryside before it’s time for back-to-school.

There are special prizes reserved for sightings along the way.  So if you see her, snap her and send her to us at haveyouseenit@clevelandart.org and you’ll be entered to win something  fabulous.

Well, based on what we’ve heard, we’re guessing Romie is a little more popular than we imagined!  But just think how Romie felt when Baby T-Rex decided it was time to break out of his prehistoric nap to travel over to Bob Evans and enjoy a country scramble or two?   Maybe we should get a mascot reunion together before the summer is over. 

Oh well, Romie hopes she sees him out on the road either way! 

As a matter of fact, she’s heading back out tomorrow evening, hitting a popular gathering place not too far from home.

Track her or spot her, then tell us where you saw her.  Better yet, send a pic of Romie at this verdant location where closed plane curves converge once a week during the summer, and you’ll be entered to win yet another chance at a $25 gift certificate to Melt in Lakewood.  You can send your entry to our email address at haveyouseenit@clevelandart.org, or comment to this blog. 

You could even bring Baby T-Rex along for a sandwich–if he’s allowed out at night 🙂

Good luck!

The Summer of CMA crew

Sorry folks, this week’s sightings did not yield a winner! Eat some carrots, pump up that vitamin A, and keep your eyes peeled!  She’s still out there! 

We’ll be offering the gift certificate to Melt to another lucky winner Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, did you catch Romie at the zoo?  She was out with her buds this past week  checking out the wildest of wildlife in Cleveland at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.   She had a great time, but missed all of you!  As you can see, she spent her day getting a little prehistoric with the dinosaurs.

She’ll be out on the town again this weekend, too.  If you do see her, please send us a comment or a pic!  We’ll be entering your submissions this weekend into the grand prize drawing when she wraps up her travels in September.  No clues here, just email us at haveyouseenit@clevelandart.org or post your comment to this blog and you’re good to go.  The grand prize will be just as gooey, too!

Have a great weekend, let us know if you see Romie out and about in your neighborhood, and be sure to drop into the blog on Monday for your Tuesday contest clue!


The Summer of CMA crew

Time for a little road trip for Romie.  Today she’s taking in some sun and surf near downtown Cleveland around lunch time. 

See her, post your comments here, and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Melt in Lakewood, where you can enjoy some of the best grilled cheese specialty sandwiches anywhere.

It’s all part of the Summer of CMA, and we hope you’ll play!

Good luck!

Konnichi wa!

Summer of CMA is continuing the weekend with another fun event for you! July 17, 18 and 19 will be the first event in our Sunsational Storytelling series. We’ve got a variety of times so you won’t miss out.

  • Friday, July 17 at 5 and 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 18 at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • Sunday, July 19 at 1 and 3:30 p.m.

We’ve invited Jonatha and Harold Wright, Japanese poetry and story experts, to take our imaginations to Japan with some traditional storytelling. These two will be using Japanese terms and sound effects in their stories to make the tales come to life and transport you to Japan.

While are minds are in the Far East, we’ll be listening to the stories in the new East Wing near Toshiko Takaezu’ ceramic installation, Moon Suite. We’re also sweetening the deal with FREE admission and an ice cream social following the event. You’re going to want a seat for this so call 1-888-CMA-0033 and make your reservation.

See you there!

**Look for the five-time national champion liar, Bil Lepp, to tell tales and artful truths July 31 through August 2 and Cleveland’s own powerful poet and playright, Mary Weems, to to interpret works in the galleries August 14-16.

Congratulations to Tricia Munson! She won a pair of tickets to the Improv for letting us know that Romie spent her morning at Wade Oval.

Keep watching for Summer of CMA contests and Romie sightings and stay tuned for more prizes and fun as we continue our celebration of the opening of the new East Wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art!


Romie was out and about this morning – did you see her? If not, take a look at the images below and take a guess about her location? Leave a comment on the blog and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to the Improv Comedy Club!

Good luck!

Not wanting to miss this beautiful weather, Romie is out and about again today. She’ll be picnicking somewhere in University Circle, enjoying some sunshine while surrounded by cultural institutions.

Do you know where she might be? Stop by and spot her, take a photo or tells us you saw her on facebook, twitter, this blog or email us at haveyouseenit@clevelandart.org.

Submit your entry by noon tomorrow and you could win a pair of tickets to the Improv Comedy Club

And be sure to let us know–Have you seen it? The new East Wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art awaits, and so does the Summer of CMA.

Good luck!

Wow, what a great turnout at our mixer Wednesday night! Thanks to you, our first Art on Tap party was a great success and we’re already looking forward to the next one, The Bare Essentials, on August 12.

In case you weren’t there, here’s what you missed. KJ Blues rocked the museum all night with their blues and jazz sounds while everyone mingled around with Blue Lagoon cocktails and Great Lakes beer. The party was also punctuated by gallery walks with artist Douglas Max Utter who showed us the meaning of true blue in artwork. Meanwhile, our honorary host, Cleveland Plus: Networking in the Middle, spread the word that Northeast Ohio is a great place to be. Everyone made new friends, enjoyed some drinks and sushi, and left the summertime blues behind. All in all it was a really fun night we won’t soon forget.

Did any of you happen to see Romie there? She made an appearance and was happy to give out Cedar Point tickets to one luck partygoer. Keep checking back for news on where she might be next and you can win a prize too!

Thanks again for making Art on Tap a success!